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At Uoffy, telling great stories is at the heart of what we do.
We create, develop, produce and distribute content.
Uoffy works across all genres, producing shows for all audiences. Our focus is on innovation and creative excellence and the group prides itself on being the home of original corporate and business productions, creating original formats.

The Deeping

The Deeping is an independent magazine of news and views from selected and validated sources.

The deepening of the company will be a pleasant and constructive work break and it will be like sipping a cup of tea prepared by an authoritative English group.
Our newsroom is based in London, but our team is part of a global newsroom able to share content between sites and around the world.

  • Society
  • Business
  • Law
  • Science
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Culture
  • Video


BTalk is an in-depth programme dedicated to Italian small and medium-sized enterprises. A 'business talk' through which the presenter, with expertise stemming from many years' experience in contact with companies, talks to entrepreneurs, managers, consultants, professionals and university professors.
With grace and style, he places himself on the side of the companies to delve into the topic of each episode, trying to obtain exhaustive explanations from his guests and, together with them, provide practical advice.

  • Language: Italian
  • Market: Italian
  • Season: 1 + 2 coming soon
  • Episodes: 6

Windows Interview

Windows Interview is the video format through which Bruno Carenini, international business manager, international relations expert, journalist and blogger, opens individual windows on the world of business, markets, art, society.
He meets the protagonists of our times, letting us know their stories, their worlds of reference, and allowing us to delve into current topics of interest.

Language: Italian

Market: Italian

Seasons: 1 + 2

Platform: The Deeping

Coming Soon

New original Uoffy productions coming soon

  • BTelling
  • BEvent
  • Health Deeping
  • La casa delle PMI